Hi there!

I'm Shreyans and I love to Code. My primary interests include Open Source Software, Algorithms and Software Design. I go by the handle bholagabbar.

I'm a Student Developer and a former Google Summer of Code student at OpenMRS, where we help improve healthcare across the planet through software. I'm also working on building WolfBeacon, a platform where we aim to make Hackathons more accessible to everybody worldwide.

I've interned at a couple of amazing places like Razorpay and Wingify where I worked on some cool stuff with a bunch of super smart engineers.

Besides writing code, some of my modest superpowers include playing the Electric Guitar, solving the Rubik's Cube in 20.71 seconds and typing at ~100 WPM. I also enjoy playing Ping Pong and listening to Rock music at preposterous volumes  =)