Meet the meanest joke bot cracking some dank jokes on twitter. Getting it's mojo from the crackmeup joke API written by me, it tweets back jokes from popular websites.


Zaplan plans an impromptu day trip for you, learns from your previous experiences and recommends new places using Machine Learning. Built at Hack InOut 3.0


Aurum helps improve healthcare in rural India. Built at IBM-RTBI Hackathon finals, key features include a Health Center map and Disease Detector algorithm

I'm involved with a bunch of FOSS communities and have contributed to a quite a few popular Open Source projects. See My GitHub.

I spent over a year pursuing competitive programming and solving problems on CodeChef, Codeforces and SPOJ. I ended up writing and deugging a ton of code, learning some really interesting stuff and making it to the ACM ICPC Onsite Regionals as well. All the code I've written then is available on my algorithmic-programming repository.


  • 2017
    • Interned at Razorpay.
    • Invited to Google California for the GCI Trip.

  • 2016
    • Interned at Wingify.
    • Selected for ACM ICPC Regionals as Team TrieHard.
    • Google Code-in Mentor at OpenMRS.
    • Began hacking at WolfBeacon.
    • GSoC @ OpenMRS!

  • 2015
    • Foray into FOSS and OpenMRS. Issued my first Pull Request!
    • First Hackathon! Youngest National Finalists at the IBM-RTBI Hackathon at IIT Madras.
    • Finally Top 100 on CodeChef! Ranked 86th worldwide in the CodeChef SEPT 15 Long Challenge.

Here's my resume